shoutout to that one bra that really just knows how to work the tatas

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Mt. Pilchuck, WA
"Taint my lips with the wine infused on yours and watch me become an alcoholic."
a 365 poetry project entry // Haley Hendrick (via s-k-e-t-c-h-e-d)

I miss every person I have known
and lost, and I have to remember that
tomorrow, or a week or month
or year from now, I will
meet new people who will make
me forget that there was
ever anyone worth missing.

Until then,
I have to remember that
running back to the people I have lost
has never helped anything.

I may miss you but
I do not need you in my life

by r.e.s (via thoughtsintorhymes)

(via thoughtsintorhymes)

Did the Mighty Squat Challenge w/ David and my sister 😂 never fails to make me laugh haha


This view was money. Li River, Yangshuo, China.

Moat Dwellers - By: (Howard)
Musicians of the Zodiac
Aries: Muddy Waters, Loretta Lynn, Eric Clapton, Ritchie Blackmore, Marvin Gaye, Elton John
Taurus: Ella Fitzgerald, Iggy Pop, Pete Townshend, Joey Ramone, Peter Frampton
Gemini: Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, Charlie Watts, Paul McCartney, John Bonham, Stevie Nicks
Cancer: Bill Haley, Stuart Sutcliffe, Ringo Starr, Carlos Santana, Debbie Harry, Courtney Love, Jack White
Leo: Louis Armstrong, Isaac Hayes, Mick Jagger, Robert Plant, Whitney Houston
Virgo: Hank Williams Sr., Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Roger Waters, Gene Simmons, Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse
Libra: Chuck Berry, Julie Andrews, John Lennon, Paul Simon, Lindsay Buckingham, Sting, Weird Al Yankovich
Scorpio: Bill Wyman, Art Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Björk, Anthony Kiedis, Lorde
Sagittarius: Frank Sinatra, Little Richard, Jim Morrison, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, Meg White
Capricorn: Lead Belly, Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Syd Barrett, Janis Joplin, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, David Bowie, Eddie Vedder
Aquarius: Etta James, Bob Marley, Carole King, Tony Iommi, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Axl Rose
Pisces: Johnny Cash, Brian Jones, George Harrison, Lou Reed, Kurt Cobain, Billy Corgan

'Stop and Search' by Banksy

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